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Diana Green

Staff Accountant

Diana Green

Diana Green

As a Staff Accountant, Diana Green helps keep the financial side of NCW running smoothly. Diana loves working with numbers and figuring out how the pieces fit together.

What sets Diana apart, though, are her people skills. Diana is one of the most personable accountants you’ll ever meet. She can talk to anyone, and she sees accounting as a true customer service activity.

“A lot of people in accounting don’t realize that they service everyone in the company,” Diana said. “You have to be able to multitask and give excellent customer service to everyone in the company, because they’re your customers.”

Diana has an uncanny ability to find the positive in any situation. People love working with Diana because of that positive attitude, and her “do what’s right” thought process makes her someone you can count on, both for a smile and a job well done.

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