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Contractor Insurance

from NCW

Contractors Insurance

For contracting professionals, these types of exposures have historically been thought of as business risks that a contractor has control over and, as such, not an appropriate insurable risk.

Nevertheless, more and more courts are granting defective work and product claims against contractors, which has led to a greater demand and thus availability of this type of insurance.

Contractors face some unique and dangerous risks on the job. To grow their business among clients/communities, contractors work hard to build their credibility. Most of a contractors' business is carried out at places other than the business location. No matter where the work is, safety risks go hand in hand with the construction industry.

Contractors' insurance is a safety net which provides protection against risk and errors. Our coverage is designed to protect you from the everyday challenges of being on the job, from damaged or stolen equipment to injuries. Make an easy insurance decision, and stay focused on deadlines and getting the job done.