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Tips For Filing A Flood Insurance Claim

Tens of thousands of insurance claims are expected to begin rolling in following the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. Below are some bullet points to follow when it comes to filing a claim.

  • Take as many photos as you can.

  • Communicate with your adjuster via email instead of the phone. Your adjuster will be with other insureds and won’t want to be distracted by your call.

  • Note all appliances make, model and serial number.

  • If you plan to throw away any appliances take a picture before you do.

  • Take a photo of water line with a tape measure.

  • Start mitigation process as soon as possible. NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) will not pay above water line if mitigation was not started quickly. Exception is if there is martial law or community closed for access.

  • Make sure you communicate alternate contact information with your adjuster.

  • Be patient with your adjuster as they are all over loaded and working seven days a week, sixteen hour days.