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Turning To The Positive: How To Be A Better Friend And Co-Worker

Written by: Robert Ledbetter, Hillside Christian Church & Kimberly Dryden, NCW Insurance

Traumatic events such as sudden illnesses, accidents, and deaths can have profound effects on individuals and the way they interact with others. On Thursday, June 15, NCW Insurance and the Dallam - Hartley Counties Hospital District are sponsoring three workshops at Coon Memorial Hospital to educate and prepare individuals on how to handle such events and how to support friends, family and co-workers cope in the wake of crisis.

The hour long workshops will feature three local speakers: Robert Ledbetter, Campus Pastor at Hillside Christian Church; Steve Patterson, Pastor at Central United Methodist Church; and Terry Stegall, Lead Pastor at Newlife Church.

“I have sat in many hospital rooms wondering, what do I say next?” said Ledbetter. “It may sound trite, but start with something as simple as, I’m sorry this happened or I’m sorry you’re hurting.”

“We started planning this event as a service to the hospital staff, but felt it was important to expand to cover the entire community,” said Kimberly Dryden, Chief Growth Officer at NCW. “It is essential to be prepared in these situations, whether you are the one being affected or you are trying to support a friend, family member or co-worker.” This workshop is designed to help develop and maintain an organizational culture where care for all those affected by trauma is available and easily accessible.

“As in most situations, a culture that cares must begin before crisis enters a life,” Ledbetter said. “A caring culture doesn’t happen by pushing the easy button. We will try and give attendees the simple tools they need to help build and maintain that culture of caring”.

Avoiding common traps and platitudes will be discussed. “Don’t tell someone to call you if they need anything,” Dryden explained. “Ask if you can provide a meal; address a specific need and people are more likely to respond.”

In a business environment, caring is a two-way street. Leadership and stewardship of employees through these events can be a challenge.  Effective leaders must be able to accept support from those they are trying to lead, as well.

“We really hope to help all the caregivers that we count on in this community,” said Ledbetter. “We want them to be able to find care for themselves when they need it most.”

The free workshops will be held Thursday, June 15, in the dining room at Coon Memorial Hospital and are open to the public. Sessions will start at 9:30am, 2:00pm and 6:00pm.